L I Q U I D  R A P T U R E  b r u t
v i d e o   a n d   s o u n d   i n s t a l l a t i o n    1 9 9 8
IFA Gallery   Stuttgart   Germany   1998
Spacex Gallery   Exeter   UK    1999
steel panels 4m x 3m are mounted on gallery wall 
in front, on the floor, a further rectangle of steel panels 4m x 6m
a video projection of a water melon slowly moving
juice forms an occasional droplet - as it falls, the video cuts to black
immediately a second projection appears on the steel floor
it is quite small, near the front edge of the steel
it catches the splash of juice as it falls onto the steel
after, it cuts to black and the melon image re-appears
speakers are set either side of wall panel
a continuous mix of metallic, industrial, vocal, and other samples
a  collaboration with Daniela Faggio
on the wall behind the spectators, 8 small steel cube speakers are set at head height
sound is triggered by infra red beams crossing the spectator space
- manipulated samples of whispered speech, barely audible and barely comprehensible


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