I N S T A L L A T I O N S     1 9 9 3  -  2 0 0 0
a series of 10 installations examining the poetics of water and the imagery of cleanliness and erasure
the works draw on traces of half remembered memories, of unrecorded pasts, of unmarked presences, and un-allocated places     
 an archeology of erasure - of the effaced
each work becomes a point of assembly - a place where fractured present and fractured image may enter new and open dialogues
a reflection on Europe at the end of a century
each of these works attempts to question our received attitudes towards identity, health, sanity and cleanliness

Roger Bourke  Poznan  1996

now  it seems appropriate to recuperate a more 'relational' sense of knowledge production - where lived out experience of sensory perception is once more understood as central in the transactions that occur between viewer and viewed
In recent work I have attempted to configure spaces where the viewer may be offered a complex of possible traversals
complexity, in the interplay of sense modalities, is seen as a means - a dislocating mechanism ( uncanny ) which allows access to the immanent within the work
this might might be understood as a 'scenography of the felt' - of the multi-sensory in which the beholder is both subject, and object

Roger Bourke   Dartington   2000


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