L I Q U I D  R A P T U R E
v i d e o   a n d   s o u n d   i n s t a l l a t i o n    1 9 9 7

Jesuits Gallery  Poznan  Poland   1998
Spacex Gallery   Exeter  UK   1999

a transparent house, apparently glass, 'dissolves' very slowly over the 18 min duration of the take
the work is encountered in the space between two monitors which face each other 3 metres apart
on the left monitor: a three-quarter frontal single take of the 'house'
on the right monitor: a square-on rear single take
it is impossible to view both images simultaneously
two speakers are set on the same axis as the monitors
a looped soundtrack - mixed samples of the 'melt' event
a collaboration with Daniela Faggio


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