R O G E R   B O U R K E
'NO-MANS-LAND'   2010 video installation    coEXISTence Exhibition   Tembi Contemporary Arts   Yogyakarta   Indonesia
R O G E R   B O U R K E

British based artist working with installation, video and sonic media
Roger Bourke has exhibited widely including Poland  Germany  Hungary  Italy  France  Romania  Canada  China  Japan  Ireland  and  UK
Working mainly with video installation and the play of light and sound on material surface, these works often deal with the results or 'aftermath' of certain simple actions. The resulting work attempts to occupy a field of sensory experience where the visual merges with the sense of our own body : of touch,  movement, and our awareness of space and proximity
Between 1992 and 2010 he was Field Director for Visual Performance: art, performance and time-based media; and also a Senior Research Fellow; at Dartington College of Arts UK

Born 1945 and studied at Birmingham College of Art between 1963 and 1967
Early work focused on large-scale painting / installation while based at Space Studios St. Katherines Dock and Stepney Green.  Solo, group, and Arts Council Touring exhibitions included: Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Ikon Gallery Birmingham, Greenwich Theatre Gallery, Bluecoat Liverpool and Museum of Modern Art Dublin.
Between 1976 and 1991, theatre designs for various theatres, theatre companies, and performance events including: Greenwich Theatre, Greenwich Theatre in Education, Gate at the Latchmere, Royal Court London, Theatre Clwyd, Meeting Ground Nottingham, Derby Playhouse. Work included in the British Exhibit at the 1983 Prague Quadreniale of International Theatre Design ( Tibetan Inroads - Royal Court), and the 1987 Prague Quadreniale (Hedda Gabler and Translations - Theatre Clwyd)
Lecturer at Dartington College of Arts from 1997 to 2010
Currently living and working in south west UK

Video samples below:

Shinjuku 00.18.00 - 0018.58.00


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